SwiftTouch Point of Sale Software

SwiftTouch has been developed from the ground up with a philosophy that the simplest and most intuitive way will always be best. With a simple and engaging interface, it processes transactions quickly and records the detailed information about your business products, your revenues, whats selling, what need reordering, and which staff are performing.

No Desk Clutter
SwiftTouch Terminal has been specifically developed to allow all operations to be performed with Touch Screen monitors. With the cost of this type of technology rapidly decreasing in recent years, it is not solely the domain of large chain stores that can afford this efficient, space saving and visually appealing solution. The benefits of using a single screen that can perform all the operations of a keyboard and mouse combined means no cords or clutter in the area where customers spend a significant amount of their time. This allows you to have more counter real estate dedicated to selling and promoting you products and services.

Spend more time with Your Customers
It seems obvious, that the more time your sales staff have with customers at the point of purchase, the more opportunity they have to upsell or encourage additional purchases. SwiftTouch Terminal has a unique and highly intuitive interface that staff will enjoy using. No more searching the keyboard for a function button, or locating a PLU code, the improved speed which staff are able to complete sales will get back valuable time to spend with customer service.

Empower Your Staff with a Competitive Sales Nature
The mindset of your sales staff will dramatically affect your sales revenue. Imagine what would happen if at any time of the day they could see exactly the revenue that they as individuals had sold. Healthy competition amongst your staff means you can reward them based on the amount they contribute to your bottom line, and also allows you to immediately see which staff may require further training to reach their potential.

Account for Every Cent
Sales tracking in a busy retail environment is critical to ensure that every cent that comes through your business is accounted for. Are the larger chain stores nonchalant if their tills don’t balance at the end of a shift? Or do they investigate thoroughly and find the source of the problem. Dishonest staff account for the majority of lost revenue for all levels of retail business through theft of both products and money. If you don’t have accurate information about your stock, or knowledge about the exact amount that should be in you registers at any one time, do you even know you have a problem until it is too late? Good POS systems not only track every cent and item accurately, but also provide a huge disincentive to potential dishonest employees in that they are aware that their every action is recorded and can be viewed at a later date.

Get Real Time Information about Your Business
Reports are vital to ensure you focus on managing and improving your business rather than just day to day operations.

Flexible Data Management Solutions
Designed as separate modules, swiftTouch doesn’t require a constant network connection between each terminal and the Administration system. All Terminals are able to operate independently from each other and you can even save terminal data to a removable device for importing into the administration module later. This means that you can have just the Terminal system in your store and perform all your administration work at home with no network connections required.

SwiftTouch will operate as a single terminal or up to 20 connected terminals with no need for additional configuration changes. Adding a terminal to an existing installation is as simple as loading the software onto the new terminal, uploading the Staff and Products data from the Administration, then begin selling.

Cost Effective
The SwiftTouch software licensing policy is a minimal initial outlay combined with a small monthly fee that ensures your installation is up to date with the latest enhancements in technology, and also gives you access to helpdesk support when you need it most. This way of licensing means that your setup costs are minimised whilst the ongoing costs become a small part of your operational overheads.

Back Office Administration

SwiftTouch Administration provides the comprehensive sales reporting, stock control, customer and staff management to business owners in real-time when and where they need it. Interfaces for MYOB and Quickbooks ensure that bookkeeping chores are done automatically saving you valuable time and a minimum of fuss so you can get on with growing your business.

SwiftTouch Hospitality

To really exceed your customer’s expectations you need fast and accurate service. SwiftTouch Hospitality is an add-on module designed for the needs of the hospitality industry. In SwiftTouch Hospitality, flexible menu screens can be configured exactly as your situation requires to speed up staff service. An unlimited number of product modifiers can be used to personalize the order of even the fussiest diner, along with forced modifiers to ensure that your staff do not miss vital order information such as the type of sauce or cooking time of a steak.

In a single glance at the Table Layout, you can see the status of all tables in your café/restaurant. See how many are free, how long customers have been waiting, and which tables need cleaning. A full restaurant and kitchen management system, you will wonder how you ever operated without it.

Completely configurable, whether you require quick service, table tracking, food delivery, kitchen and bar printing, or order tracking, SwiftTouch Hospitality can efficiently and reliably handle all types of situations from a small café to multi-terminal restaurants and clubs.

  • flexible and customizable menu screens
  • floor management / graphical table service
  • print to multiple kitchen and bar printers
  • order entry, pay at time of order or delivery of order
  • back counter order management, show current orders and wait times
  • quick service options and delivery

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