AW Retail Systems offers a wide range of support options, all of which are designed to ensure that you get the most from your SwiftTouch Point of Sales software.

Software Maintenance and License Plan

AW Retails software maintenance and license plan is compulsory for all new users of SwiftTouch solutions. Membership to the plan ensures that you receive important software updates, access to helpdesk support when you need it, and reduced onsite callout charges when required.

Technology changes rapidly and SwiftTouch products will change over time to keep up to date with these advances, as well as changes to other products that integrate with SwiftTouch such as Accounting Systems.

The Maintenance and License plan includes the following benefits:

• Free upgrades to new versions of SwiftTouch Products
• Free access to helpdesk support during business hours via email, telephone and fax
• Access to FAQ and documentation via the AW Retail website
• Access to the download area on the AW Retail website
• Replacement software licenses on CD-Rom and installation due to loss or damage

Helpdesk Support

Helpdesk telephone, fax and email support is available to users of the plan who require help with queries regarding the operational use of SwiftTouch products. Email and fax users can expect a return answer to their query by the next business day.

Help Desk Hours: 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday (Excl Public Holidays)

The majority of problems can be resolved via a single phone call however some technical issues including installations, hardware compatibility, or network connectivity may require onsite technical support.

Onsite Technical Support

Issue including hardware faults, operating system problems, incompatibility with hardware or other software, network configuration or training requirements may require professional onsite assistance.

AW Retail has professional technical support people located at our Gold Coast Office who can assist on a per visit basis.

There are also computer and point of sales companies that are resellers of SwiftTouch in the Brisbane area. You can contact these companies directly for assistance or send us an enquiry regarding the nearest support company in your local area.

Prices quoted are inclusive of GST and only for SwiftTouch users who have a valid SwiftTouch License agreement and are fully up to date with their maintenance plan payments.