RedPOS Salon Software

At last, a salon management solution that won’t break the bank! RedPOS Salon Software has been developed in conjunction with some of Queenslands leading hairdressers to ensure that the things that really matter in salon management are simple, easy to use and effective. Don’t pay for a product that you will only ever use 10% of the features, RedPOS has only the features that have proven vital to enable better customer management and more effective marketing.

Too often the demands of day to day salon operations can prevent a salon owner from growing the business. From appointments to cash management and stock control through to staff performance analysis, RedPOS will be your efficient second in command taking care of daily operations giving you more time to analyse, market, and grow your business.

RedPOS can vastly improve the customer experience in a salon. At the touch of a button you can print out the clients recent purchases both in services and retail before they arrive. You can even print notes such as how they like their coffee. Because all information is kept electronically, theres no more searching through outdated client cards allowing new staff to be completely up to date on all salon clients.

Customer Loyalty and retention
Differentiate your business by promoting a professional and leading edge image to customers

To grow a salon requires effective directed marketing. RedPOS enables ‘smart marketing’ where you can market selected products and services to a tailored list of customers. Since all client records are retained, you can create customized lists of clients who have had certain products in the past will ensure that only those likely to be interested are contacted.

The appointment book will reduce ‘no shows’ as you can visually see which clients have been contacted for future appointments. Multiple services are easily entered and ensure that staff are never double-booked or booked in with customers when they are on holiday.

Print out average dollar sales in services and retail and immediately see the performance of each staff member over a week or a month. Indvidual reports can also show you how many customers each staff member saw over a period, how many were rebooked and how much product was sold. Those reports and spreadsheets you used to spend hours creating are available at the touch of a button. Staff management is made significantly easier and more accurate when precise figures are available instantly to assess those areas of business that may need improving.